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Monday, August 08, 2005

More on IMAP:

The IMAP support in Platemail has taken another step forward lately, principally regarding the way messages are fetched. Previously, Platemail dumbly downloaded the whole message, with the body, attachments and all, whenever the server was inspected. Apart from being stupid, and somewhat against the IMAP model, this caused the flags of all messages to be set to SEEN, as Javamail sets this flag whenever the body is downloaded.

Although I don't quite agree with Javamail on whether its behaviour there is correct, it does make sense to download the message bodies lazily, and so that's what Platemail now does.

The next piece of work is to finalise the way Platemail responds to the events that Javamail fires when messages are added, changed, deleted and so on, because at the moment the folders only stay properly in sync when the remote folder is closed and reopened, which is clearly a wasteful way of doing it.

posted by Neil Campbell 10:34 PM


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