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Monday, May 02, 2005

IMAP support:

As it's been a bank holiday weekend, I've had a little time to work on Platemail's still-unfinished IMAP support. I've been able to resolve a few of the problems related to managing numbers of connections, so I no longer see repeated exceptions when Platemail tries to sync with lots of IMAP folders at once. Although the solution isn't yet perfect, it does provide a workaround for the connection limiting that my ISP has enforced.

That done, Platemail is now able to create an IMAP account and keep it in sync with the server in the face of new messages, and messages being removed. There are still a few holes in there, and there isn't yet a way of syncing back local changes to the server (ie. deleting local mails and have the server remove them), but hopefully these can be fairly easily sorted in the next few weeks.

I've also started to tidy up the way Platemail is launched, so there is now a PlatemailLauncher class which is invoked irrespective of the required user interface. This handles command line options (using the Java port of Gnu Getopt), and then creates the appropriate interface. This seems like a much cleaner way of doing it.

posted by Neil Campbell 10:07 PM


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