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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Back to work:

In keeping with the progress of the project to date, I've taken yet another lengthy enforced break from Platemail development, this time due to high-pressure deadlines at work and the resulting RSI.

Now things are starting to settle down again, at least for the time being, I'm beginning to get back to Platemail. The main focus is still the basic IMAP support, which is starting to come together - the bug I thought I was fighting when last I did some Platemail hacking turns out not to be a bug, and was simply a hard concurrent connection limit imposed by my service providers. Now that I can at least work around this issue, I can look at bringing up the rest of the IMAP functionality, and hopefully get that committed to the main code base before too long.

Meanwhile, to ease myself back into Java development, I've been putting together a plugin for the excellent jEdit editor, to provide a better directory search mechanism, something that find myself almost constantly wishing for when I'm at work. If I manage to get it working, I'll put it up on the website for general consumption.

posted by Neil Campbell 2:39 PM


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